About Syntrend

New landmark of technological culture

“Syntrend Creative Park” sits at the junction of Jin-Shan North Road and Civil Boulevard, Sec. 3, and covers 2,687 pings. The building’s façade presents its avant-garde position and boasts industrial features. It further incorporates the nearby green belt to reflect the fusion of technology and nature. The interior design introduces various concepts, such as the life of technology, streaming services, family entertainment, comics and animation culture, exploring experiences, innovation, and creation, and art displays. Amid the digital screens over the park, diversity variety of footage can stimulate boundless imagination.

The core spirit of “Syntrend Creative Park” humanity and developing a platform for future life. Through interaction, sharing, exploration, learning, and creation, people can be shown how to reshape the bonds between technology, culture, and life. We persist in the spirit of “Creation, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship”. The goal is to fulfil a life filled with creative ideas and values and to develop a futuristic base to cohesively lead the trends and definitions for tomorrow.

Syntrend Life, meeting your future expectations for a beautiful life. Syntrend cooperates with brands to support a trendy lifestyle by providing consumers with a unique retail experience and selecting thematic cutting-edge products. We offer all kinds of solutions to technology and life, using stylish appliances, comic culture, parent-child entertainment, and popular audiovisual products, which makes us the best place to pursue a diverse and delicate sense of living.

We have set up an interactive space where technology and culture meet. Through various expositions and events, visitors can exchange unique experiences and innovative ideas. Syntrend can help you explore your personal wonderful lifestyle. Create your dream life with Syntrend.